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Meet Uzair

Uzair didn’t just set out to become an accountant and CPA. Early in his formative years, he nurtured his passion for bookkeeping and realized his innate talent in problem solving. His passion became his career path, originating as an accountant for low-income families and struggling individuals. It was in those trenches he learned empathy.

He later embarked on his accounting journey working directly for the IRS where he mastered the complexities of compliance, audits, and common business mistakes.

He also discovered just how many businesses trust their accountants to be thorough and compliant. But all to often, so-called tax professionals make critical mistakes with their clients’ books, costing thousands.

Combining his experience, Uzair realized he had a unique opportunity to provide business accounting and tax services, through a lens of empathetic problem solving and within the inherent boundaries of the IRS.

Today, countless businesses trust Uzair to help them navigate their business tax and bookkeeping challenges successfully.

Let a former IRS professional help you navigate yours.

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The Blue Arc Accounting & Tax Mission

Blue Arc Accounting & Tax endeavors to be a reliable resource for businesses large and small, with an emphasis on innovative problem solving and compliance within the realm of accounting, tax management, and business finances.

It is our ongoing mission to continue adapting to the ever-changing tax landscape and business environment, to present the best resolutions within the constraints of compliance. Stay tuned for what Blue Arc offers next!

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