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Business accounting and tax preparation are intricate tasks, and without expert guidance, you might find yourself overpaying, exposing your company to avoidable financial risks, or even grappling with the IRS. At Blue Arc Accounting & Tax, we understand the complexities of managing your finances and are here to help you navigate these challenges.

As a trusted partner in your financial journey, we specialize in a range of accounting services. Our Fractional CFO services are designed to provide your business with the strategic financial leadership it needs. We don’t just manage your finances; we also provide the skills of a Fractional CFO. This means we make sure every part of your business finance is not only handled but made better to help your business grow, save money, and make more profit.

We recognize that you have a business to run, and that’s where we come in. Let Blue Arc Accounting & Tax be your accountant and advisor. We will help to take the financial burden and enable you to concentrate on expanding your business. With our Fractional CFO services and complete accounting help, you’ll get the support and knowledge to succeed in the finance world..

Accounting & Tax Services Today’s Businesses Actually Need

Any business accounting firm can handle basic tax prep, bookkeeping, and accounting. Blue Arc Accounting & Tax specializes in problem solving for businesses so they can:
Reduce Financial
Find IRS
Maintain Legal
Improve Bookkeeping
Ensuring compliance, security, and profitability starts with a single call.
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It is our ongoing mission to continue adapting to the ever-changing tax landscape and business environment, to present the best resolutions within the constraints of compliance.

Fractional CFO

Fraction CFO services provide businesses with expert financial guidance, helping them optimize budgets, improve profitability, and make informed decisions. Fractional CFOs are cost effective, flexible, and boost financial success.


Business Tax Prep

Worried you’re paying too much? Concerned you’re in trouble with the IRS? Confused about how to prep and file correctly?
Let us provide your business with actual solutions and relief for all your tax preparation issues.

Accounting Services

Whether your books need fixing or you need help making sense of your business’s monthly balance sheet, the Blue Arc team offers simplified accounting solutions that work.

TAX Risk Management

Your business could be taking unnecessary financial risks with your current method of tax preparation and bookkeeping. Eliminate those risks and streamline your bottom line, within compliance.
Business accounting

Stay on the Right Side of the IRS

Combining direct knowledge of IRS processes, supervision, and audits with the empathy that comes from spending years working with struggling, low-income business owners; Uzair and Blue Arc Accounting & Tax have developed industry-specific strategies that streamline financial management, increase revenue, and take the guesswork out of tax compliance.
Stay profitable and and within IRS compliance regulations. Call Blue Arc Accounting & Tax today.
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